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Sky Taxi B767, Air Atlanta Astral Air B747 and Cavok Air Ant12. Captured 4th & 5th December by Clive.

Sky Taxi Boeing 767-200F SP-MRF 4th December 2018 (1) Alongside 747 TF-AMU.JPG

Cavok Air Antonov AN-12BK UR-CKL 5th December 2018 (2)


Another day, another jumbo, today’s offering from CargoLogicAir, B744 G-CLAA. Graham Vlacho, 3rd Dec.

2018_12_03 B744 G-CLAA.JPG


Not an unlucky 13th! – departure of UK67001

2018_11_13 UK67001 G.Vlacho.JPG


A rarity this one – Uzbekistan Cargo B767-300 – captured by FODSA’s very own Clive Featherstone.

Uzbekistan Cargo 767-300ER 12th November 2018 (5).jpg


Sunday 11th November, Western Global Airlines – captured by FODSA member Phil Thrower.


A couple from Clive – French Airforce EMB-121 Xingu, and Multiflight AS-365.

French Air Force EMB-121 Xingu 064 YY 31st October 2018.JPG

Multiflight AS-365 G-MFLT 31st October 2018.JPG


Today’s cargo at DSA, Air Atlanta B744 – captured by FODSA member Maurice Long, Nov 6th 2018.



Nice Tui – Family Life captured by Maurice Long.

todays 036.JPG