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USAF C17 and Cargo B744 – TF-AMU captured by Maurice, Sunday 19th Aug.

C17 Globemaster..Aug.19th.2018  018.JPG

C17 Globemaster..Aug.19th.2018  009.JPG

C17 Globemaster..Aug.19th.2018  034.JPG

C17 Globemaster..Aug.19th.2018 029


The first visit of a USAF C-17 00183 arrived from McCloud AFB with some troops & half a dozen vehicles. Captured by Clive – 14th August 2018.

USAF C-17 Globemaster 00183 145th AW ANG 14th August 2018 (1)

USAF C-17 Globemaster 00183 145th AW ANG 14th August 2018 (6)

USAF C-17 Globemaster 00183 145th AW ANG 14th August 2018 (7).JPG


Iberian Regional/ Air Nostrum CRJ-200 EC-MJE picking up Villa Real FC, and an LBA diversion Jet2 using Titan 757 G-POWH. Clive – 27th/28th July.

Air Nostrum Iberia Regional CRJ-200 EC-GYI 27th July 2018 (2).jpg

Titan-Jet2 Boeing 757 G-POWH 28th July 2018.JPG


GainJet B737 that arrived DSA 23rd July with Inter Milan FC onboard to play Sheffield United FC Tuesday 24th July – Clive Featherstone.

GainJet Aviation 737-400 SX-ATF 23rd July 2018 (2).JPG


Children’s Air Ambulance captured at DSA by Maurice Long – 17th July 2018



Sprint Air Saab 340 on an evening visit to DSA – captured by Clive 13th July.

Sprint Air Saab 340 SP-KPE 13th July 2018 (1).jpg


The Lourdes return flight, Friday 6th July, was delayed by well over an hour, but all were safely away home from the airport by 22:00hrs. Photos by Maurice and Clive.

DSA..06-07-18 005Enter Air 737-800 SP-ESD 1st July 2018 (1)


The FODSA Airport Ambassadors were once again on hand for an early 05:00am start to assist with the Hallam Lourdes flights – Sunday 1st July by VCF.






A busy day a DSA by Maurice Long – June 2018.

DSA..27th June.2018 006.JPG

DSA..27th June.2018 011.JPG

DSA..27th June.2018 001.JPG


NPAS Vulcanair SPA P68 Victor 487-R OE-FAD on a pre-acceptance testing mission. Clive, 20th June.

NPAS Vulcanair SPA P68 Victor 487-R OE-FAD 20th June 2018 (3).jpg


Captured by Clive Featherstone 13th June2018 – Air Cargo Global from Nairobi and Oil Spill Response departure.

Air Cargo Global Boeing 747-400 OM-ACJ 13th June 2018 (1).jpg

Oil Spill Response Boeing 727 G-OSRB 13th June 2018 (4).JPG


Cargolux 747-800 LX-VCL in from Chicago – Maurice Long 5th June.




Four from Clive 21/22 May – Pacific Air Cargo B747, Kalitta Air B747, Alba Star 737 and FreeBird A320.

Pacific Air Cargo-Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 N976BA 22nd May 2018 (2).JPG

Kalitta 747-400 N539BC 21st May 2018 (2).JPG

Alba Star 737-800 EC-MUB 21st May 2018 (6).JPG

Freebird A-320 TC-FHC 21st May 2018 (5).JPG


Cargolux B744 LX-SCV – Arrived DSA this morning. Departing around 10ish for Ohare Chicago.

Maurice Long – 16th May 2018.

Cargolux.LX-SCV....16-05-18  006.JPG


More Cargo for DSA – Cargolux 744 – Maurice, 30th April 2018.

2 Cargolux. LX-JCV 008.JPG


Antonov 124 departs DSA for India – Maurice, 30th April 2018.

Antonov 124.....UR-82027 002.JPG


FV of an ATR 72 from RAF-Avia’s fleet was YL-RAI – Clive 27th April.

RAF-Avia ATR-72 YL-RAI 27th April 2018.JPG


Foggy night at DSA.



Captured by Clive and Maurice on 4th April – Businesswings Dornier 228 and the departure of Air Atlanta  747.

Businesswings Dornier 228 D-CULT 4th April 2018 (1).jpg

DSA 04-04-18 001.JPG


Recent visitor at DSA.



Genex Ltd AN-26B and Breadsall Aviation Citation 525. Captured by Clive – 23rd Mar.

Genex Ltd Antonov AN-26B EW-259TG 23rd March 2018.jpg

Breadsall Aviation CitationJet 525 CJ4 M-ICRO 23rd March 2018


Air Atlanta Icelandic B744 TF-AMP departing DSA for ARN (Stockholm) – Graham Vlacho, 11th March.

2018_03_11 Air Atlanta Icelandic TF-AMP.JPG


Vulcan Bomber flies again – Unfortunately not the Vulcan bomber, but Vulkan Air An26 UR-CQE on approach from Malmo on Thurs 8th March 2018. Graham Vlacho.

2018_03_08 Vulkan Air An26 UR-CQE from Malmo.JPG


A selection from Clive 5th Feb 2018 – The two Jet 2’s where LBA diversions. Plus, 2Excel Piper PA 31, Beechjet 400 and a Citation 680 Sovereign.

Jet2 Holidays 757 G-LSAE 5th March 2018 (1).JPGJet2 Holidays 737-800 G-DRTA 5th March 2018 (2).JPG

2Excel Piper PA-31 G-UKCS 5th March 2018.JPG

Beechjet 400 OK-BEE 5th March 2018 (1).JPG

Citation 680 Sovereign G-CFGB 5th March 2018.JPG


After about 45 hours on the ground at DSA, N411SN is de-iced at the end of the runway before departing to Liege – Graham Vlacho 1st March 2018.

2018_03_01 WGA MD11 N411SN.JPG

2018_03_01 N411SN DSA-LGG.JPG


Today’s WGA MD11 flight, N411SN, from Cairo, heading south east overhead Bawtry, prior to returning on approach to 02. Graham Vlacho – 27th Feb.

2018_02_27 WGA MD11 N411SN.JPG


Three more from Clive at a snowy DSA – 26th Feb.

Aurigney ATR-42-500 G-HUET 26th February 2018 (1).JPG

2Excel Oil Spill Responce Boeing 727 G-OSRA 26th February 2018 (3).JPG

ADB Antonov AN-124 UR-82009 arriving from Dubai 26th February 2018 (6).jpg

Antonov Design Bureau A124 UR-82009 on approach from Dubai this afternoon. Graham Vlacho – 26th Feb.

2018_02_26 A124 UR_82009 DWC-DSA.JPG


Two from under a clear blue sky,  Air Atlanta 747-400 and Air X Charter CRJ 200. Clive Featherstone – 25 Feb.

Air Atlanta 747-400 TF-AMQ 25th February 2018 callsign Safari Express (4).jpg

Air X Charter CRJ-200 9H-CLG 25th February 2018 (1).JPG


Scottish Ambulance Service captured by Maurice – 23rd Feb.



A couple of shots of today’s MD11 flight from Cairo. Was a little concerned when it didn’t turn up yesterday, but when I found it on the ground at Nairobi last night, I assumed it would be on it’s way, via Cairo, today.  Graham Vlacho – 21st Feb 2018

2018_02_21 WGA MD11 N411SN from Cairo.JPG

2018_02_21 WGA MD11 N411SN.JPG


In rather grim weather, a RAF Voyager training this afternoon –  Graham Vlacho 14th Feb.

2018_02_14 RAF A332 ZZ331.JPG

2018_02_14 RAF A332 ZZ331 (3).JPG


Newly re-liveried Air Atlanta Icelandic B744 TF-AMP on approach from NBO-DSA, the second veg flight of the day – Graham Vlacho – 12th Feb 2018.




Two from Sunday 4th Feb – Enter Air B737 arriving DSA before departure to Enontekio, and Air Atlanta Icelandic B744 arriving from Nairobi – Graham Vlacho.

2018_02_04  Enter Air B738 SP-ENP BRS-DSA.JPG

2018_02_04  Air Atlanta Icelandic B744 TF-AMQ NBO-DSA (2).JPG


Three Heavies from 23rd Jan – WGA MD11, Aerotrans 747 and Silkway 747 – Clive.

Western Global MD-11 N545JN 23rd January 2018 (1).jpg

Aerotrans Cargo 747-400 ER-BBJ 23rd January 2018

Silkway 747-400 4K-SW008 on new stand 501 23rd January 2018 (2)


I caught the 737 G-TGPG today in much better weather than the last time. The weather had changed though by the time it came back from HUY where it went training – Clive 17th Jan 2018.

2Excel 737-300 G-TGPG 17th January 2018 (3).JPG

2Excel 737-300 G-TGPG 17th January 2018 (5)


A FV of type visit of a Falcon 8X F-HVIP. Eastern aircraft I imagine was on a footy flight, and a Citation 560XLS. Clive – 12th Jan 2018.

Dassault Falcon 8X F-HVIP 12th January 2018 (2).JPG

Eastern Airways Embraer-170 G-CIXW 12th January 2018.JPG

Citation 560XLS G-CKUB 12th January 2018.JPG


A murky start to the day, but cleared enough around midday to get this shot of AN12 cargo before her departure. 12th Dec 2018.




First visit of 2Excel/Tag Aviation’s recently acquired B737-300. Also a first visit for this fine looking Challenger 604. Captured by Clive Featherstone – 9th Jan 2018.

2Excel Boeing 737-300 G-TGPG 9th January 2018 (1).JPG

N758CC Challenger 604 9th January 2018 (1).JPG


Cavok was caught departing after its second visit, the FV being after dark a short time ago. Ruby Star was a FV as was the TB9 – Clive Featherstone 5th Jan.

Cavok Air Antonov AN-12 UR-KDM 5th January 2018 (3).JPG

Ruby Star Antonov AN-12BK. EW-275TI 5th January 2018 (2).JPG

TBM910. 2-TBMI 5th January 2018.JPG


Ukraine Air Alliance AN12 departing DSA for Khartoum – captured by Graham Vlacho 29th Dec.

2017_12_29 AN12 UR-CAK.JPG


Aerotrans B747 cargo captured by FODSA photographer Clive Featherstone.

Aerotrans 747-400F ER-BBJ 27th December 2017 (1).JPG


MD11 Cargo captured 22nd Dec.



Astral Air 747 captured by Clive 17th Dec.

Astral Air 747-400 TF-AMU Lsd from Air Atlanta Icelandic 17th December 2017 (1).jpg


Another busy time for the cargo team – AeroVis Airlines, Antonov Airlines. Also captured by Clive – Enter Air 738 and Oil Spill 727 – Dec 12th.

AeroVis Airlines Antonov AN-12 UR-CBF 12th December 2017 (3).JPG

AeroVis Airlines Antonov AN-12 UR-CBF 12th December 2017 (4).JPG

Antonov Airlines AN-26 UR-13395 12th December 2017 (2).JPG

Enter Air 738 SP-ENG & Oil Spill's 727 G-OSRB 12th December 2017 (2).JPG


Mistral Air/PosteItaliane arriving from Budapest with cargo, then departing to Italy. Captured by Clive Featherstone FODSA photographer, 10th Dec.

Mistral Air PosteItaliane EI-FGX 10th December 2017 (2).JPG

Mistral Air PosteItaliane EI-FGX 10th December 2017 (4).JPG


Interesting shot of Ant124 arriving at DSA from Kiev – Maurice Long 30th Nov.

Ant 124..Nov-30-2017-1aa.JPG


Another great shot of the recent B787 Dreamliner , this time captured by Clive.

TUI Boeing 787 Dreamliner G-TUII 28th November 2017 (2).jpg


Tui B787 Dreamliner flight to Montego Bay fom DSA, captured by Maurice Long, 28th



Two weekend cargo visitors – Volga Dnepr Airlines Illyushin IL76TD-90VD captured by Clive, and Air Atlanta Icelandic 747-400 captured by Maurice -12th Nov.

Volga Dnepr Airlines Ilyushin IL76TD-90VD RA-76951 12th November 2017 DSA (2).JPG

DSA..11-11-17 007.JPG


A FV of Singapore Airlines to DSA 747-400 9V-SFP arr. About 07:30 from New York & Dep. to Brussels about 10:10. Clive – 7th Nov.

Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400 9V-SFP 7th November 2017 Doncaster (1).JPG


ASL BAe-146 arriving with equine cargo bound for Doncaster Race Course – Clive Featherstone 28th Oct.

Donny Races.png


Rada Airlines IL62 and Ant 12, captured by Maurice Long 25th Oct.

DSA.Cargo..25-10-17 004.JPG

DSA.Cargo..25-10-17 001.JPG
Two cargo aircraft from 20th Oct captured by Maurice Long – Ant 124 and B747-400


747.+Ant 124..1.JPG
Captured 15th Oct by Clive – Sprint Air ATR-12

Sprint Air ATR-72 SP-SPE 15th October 2017 (1).JPG

Beechjet 400, OK-PPP (for a minute I thought that said FODSA on the engine) – FOSFA, Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations. Also, B747 cargo captured by our very own Clive Featherstone – Oct 2nd.

Clive 3.png

B747 2.png


Cargojet B763 captured by Clive Featherstone – 23rd September

CargoJet Boeing 767-300 C-FGSJ 23rd September 2017 (2).JPG


An early morning visitor – Qatar Cargo A330 arriving from Nairobi, captured by Clive – 22nd Sept.

clive2day 1.png

clive2day 2.png


Another Cargo, An12 Motor Sich, captured 8th Sept by Clive.

Motor Sich AN-12 UR11819  8th December 2017 (1).JPG


First Visit (FV) of Saab 340 YL-RAH. Captured by Clive, 6th Sept.

Clive 1.png


FV of the French Puma for a fuel stop on its way to Edinburgh. Clive Featherstone, 4th Sept.



Returning Weston Global MD11, plus a rare visitor, 1942 Boeing Stearman 441. Captured by Maurice Long, Aug 29th.

DSA..29-08-17 039.JPG

DSA..29-08-17 020.JPG


Western Global MD11 – N454JN captured by Maurice Long, 22nd Aug.

DSA.22-08-17..MD.11 005.JPG


Bye….Air Atlanta Icelandic B744 departing DSA for Hahn – captured by Clive Featherstone.

Air Atlanta Cargo Boeing 747-400 TF-AMQ 13th August 2017 Departs for Hahn (2).JPG


On approach this afternoon from Nairobi – Air Atlanta Icelandic B744 – captured by Graham Vlacho – 13th Aug.

2017_08_13 Air Atlanta Icelandic B744 TF-AMQ.JPG


UAE Air Force 1326 Global Express captured by Clive – 10th Aug.

UAE Air Force 1326 Global Express 10th August 2017 (4).JPG


Atlas Air B747 arriving from Nairobi, and Norwegian Air B737 arriving on a very wet runway. Both captured by Clive – 8th Aug.

Atlas Air 747-400 N408MC 8th August 2017.JPG

Norwegian Air 737-800 EI-GBB 8th August 2017 (2).JPG


Chinook HC4 ZA675 captured by Maurice, 21st July.

DSA...JULY.11th..2017 001.JPG


Maurice captured these two today 18th July – Vista Jet & MD11.

DSA-July 18th 2017 002.JPG

DSA-July 18th 2017 009.JPG


Two from today captured by our very own FODSA photographer Clive Featherstone – 11th July.

Air Bridge Cargo Boeing 747-400 VP-BIK 11th July 2017.JPG

Tornado ZG750 11th July 2017 (4)


Lourdes Pilgrimage return flights captured by Clive, 7th July.


An124 departing DSA for Saudi Arabia – captured by Graham Vlacho, 6th July.

2017_07_06a An124 RA-82047.JPG

2017_07_06b An124 RA-82047.JPG


Captured 3rd July by Clive – 2x Atlas Air 747s and CityJet Sukhoi Super Jet 100.

Atlas Air 747-400 N418MC 3rd July 2017 (1).JPG

City Jet Sukkhoi Superjet 100 EI-FWA 3rd July 2017  (1).JPG


Three great shots captured by Maurice Long 21st June – Qatar Air Force C17, RAF AS65 Heli’s and Antonov 124.

Qatar C17--MAM..21-06-17 001.JPG

DSA 21-06-17 006.JPG



Welcome Air, Dornier 328 OE-LIR captured by Clive Featherstone 9th June.

Welcome Air Dornier 328 OE-LIR 9th June 2017.JPG


Rada Airlines captured by Maurice Long 26th May.

Rada Airlines

Thomas Cook B757-300 training – Clive Featherstone 21st April.

Thomas Cook Boeing 757-300 G-JMOF 21st April 2017 (8).JPG

When FODSA members got an invite to the cockpit of a B747-800. March 15th 2017.
First shot shows Keith and Maurice in the hot seats. Second shot shows Keith, Maurice and Clive with John, an engineer from Stanstead.

DSA Cargo Logic Air 747-800 15th  March 2017 (67).JPG

DSA Cargo Logic Air 747-800 15th March 2017 (257)
Then there were two! captured by Clive Featherstone 23rd March.

WGA MD-11s N411SN & N513SN 23rd March 2017  (2).JPG


CargoLogicAir B747-800 captured 15th February by FODSA member Clive Featherstone. You can see more photos here – Finningley Gallery

Cargo Logic Air Boeing 747-800 G-CLAB 15th March 2017 (2).JPG

Cargo Logic Air Boeing 747-800 G-CLAB 15th March 2017 (5).JPG

Cargo Logic Air Boeing 747-800 G-CLAB 15th March 2017 (8).JPG


RAF A330 Voyager circuit training, captured by Clive Featherstone 6th March.

RAF Voyager Airbus A-330 ZZ333 6th March 2017 (1).jpg


Runway Resurfacing: The aim of the project is to refurbish the current surface (approx. 25 years old) by removing 25mm x 2350m of the existing asphalt surface and replacing with 50mm area increasing the strength of the runway and the overall life span of the runway surface for present and future operations.





Maurice Long captured these two cargo aircraft arriving today, 1st Feb at DSA – MD11 N-512JN and Ant124 RA-82078.

DSA...Feb.2nd 2017 006.JPG

DSA...Feb.2nd 2017 012.JPG


12th Dec 2016.



Antonov UR82027 captured by Maurice, 23rd Nov 2016.

DSA.23-11-16..Ant,UR-82027 003.JPG


Recent Cargo aircraft captured by Clive Featherstone – The IL-62 was something I never thought I’d see at DSA so Rada Airlines was a new Airline and Aircraft Type. Southern Air was a second visit for the Airline, but a 777 was a new type for them. Aero Logic was a new Airline. Bluebird Cargo was a second visit by them, but the Aircraft was a FV. DHL The A-300 was a new type for them here and the 757 was a FV. Cavok AN-12 was a FV. Motorsich AN-12 was a FV and a first of type by them. 2016

rada-airlines-ilyusin-il-62-ew-450tr-2nd-november-2016-1 Southern Air Boeing 777 N777SA 7th November 2016 (1).JPG

Aero Logic Boeing 777 D-AALF 6th November 2016 (1).JPG

Bluebird Cargo 737 TF-BBF 13th November 2016 (1).JPG


Motorsich Airlines AN-12 UR-11316 30th October 2016 (3).JPG


Aviastar Cargo TU-204, captured by Clive Featherstone 16th Oct 2016.

Aviastar Cargo TU-204 16th October 2016 (9).JPG


2016_10_04 NCA B744 JA06KZ NRT-DSA G.Vlacho.JPG



Previous Photos. 




A4 PAcific Dominion of NZ Dec 15th 2011.JPG

Chubb Protector.JPG